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Haiti Issues

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By Kyle Newell

Over the summer I went to a small Haitiantown of Gros Morne, Haiti I went there through an organization called Quest ran by the Religous Orderof Jesus and Mary. While I was there I stayed at the RJM house with 5 other voluenteers. While I was there I worked in an summe camp for children spsnosored byt the RJM. After summer camp was over I would then teach an Englihs class from 3:30 to 5:30 for children, and one at night from 7-9 for adults.
Through my trip I leanred a number of things. I earned how to cook, for we at the household would all have to take turns cooking meals. I learned how to speak Haitian Creole,I learned to resoect each and every human life and value the existance of every person. I also learned a lot about the Haitian culture and their way of life.I also learned a number of other things.

As one might expet their first instenct is to give to someone in need. This is what most Haitian organizations in the United States do. They blindly give things to people in Haiti. Rarely do they see the reprocussions of their givings. Yes the giving of items, i.e. clothes is gwnerous, however, it may not be the best thing for the country of haiti. As we contribute material objects to the country of Haiti, we are at the same time depleteing the Haitian economy. When we give them a shirt. That means that someone does not have to buy a shirt that a Haitian person would be able to make and sell. . We need to learn not to give blindly. When we give we need to know what we are doiong when we are giving. We should help support economic growth in the country, in stead of giving monetary aid that acts just as bandages. We need to aim our contributions to the rebuilding of a country. A country that cannot stand uypon itseld will never be able to get itself our of a negative whirlepool. The country of Haiti needs economic development. However, most people are learly of investing in a country that is so governmentallly unstable. The government will alwas be untbale for the pople want economic independance. Since they aren't getting economic endependenace they are creating governmental upheaval. The goal of economi stability cannot be reached because of the governmental turmoil.
The country f Haiti also needs the supprt of the Unmited States of Maerica. We falsey claim that we help other countries. There is not one instance that we have heped another country for the soul perpuse of helping a countery. Currently we are holding 500 million dollards in economic aid from the country of Haiti. (Some of which teh country of Haiti is having to pay intresterst on.)At the same time we see other countries i.e. Afghanistan, SubShara Africa, gaining monitary support from the United Styates. The United States needs to support the people and the government of Haiti. hrough out the years the United States has tried givingingmoney to haiti. hought times of upheavel, and turoimoil through dictatorships and copde tats, the United State has given Haiti economic aid. However, no that h counry of Haiti is a democracy, the aid has stopped.
As the United States media suports aid for countries such as AfghaniartaN ns sub-Sahraa Africas, the media fails to reconize the meager exestiance of a countryin our own back yeard. The media coverage of Haiti is meager and frutile. They fail to reconize that Haiti is the first leading ocuntry outside of SubSahara Africa in terms of AIDS and other deaseses.. Like wise, there are children (called restavicks) in slavery in this country as well. Whereas the United States media shudders at the site of slavery in Nigeria, they don't even bat an eye at slavery less than two hours awayfrom the United States.
Haiti needs help. They needeconomic aid, economic development, and economic investment, .
My name is Kyle Newell. I am 18 yerars old. I am attending Purdue University for Engeneering. attend Saint Mary Catherdral in Lafayette.